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Lenny Breau

Lenny Breau was a Canadian jazz musician known for his unique fingerstyle guitar technique and blending of jazz, country, and classical music. He used sophisticated chord voicings and employed unusual techniques such as artificial harmonics. Despite his success, Breau struggled with personal demons and addiction, and his life was cut short at the age of 43. Today, he is remembered as a guitar virtuoso and an influence on many guitarists.

Notable Recordings :

  • Boy Wonder (1956)
  • The Guitar Sounds of Lenny Breau (1968)
  • Lenny Breau Live! (1969)
  • Cabin Fever” (mid 1970s)
  • Five O’Clock Bells” (1979)
  • The Legendary Lenny Breau… Now! (1979)
  • Standard Brand ‘with Chet Atkins’ (1981)
  • Mo’ Breau (1981)

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