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All of my transcriptions are available in multiple notation formats and have been through multiple corrections and editions since their original YouTube release so they are prettier and more accurate than ever!

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‘Best of YouTube’ Collection

This Bundle include 18 of the most popular transcriptions posted on YouTube in the last three years. These transcriptions are exclusive to this bundle and not available for individual purchase in the store. Check this out!

(NEW) Complete Transcriptions Library (2018)

As promise! Here’s my 2018 ‘Complete Transcriptions Library’ bundle! This bundle contain all transcriptions made through out this year. It contain all 60 transcriptions made this year!  Check this out!

Complete Transcriptions Library Bundle (2014 – 2017)

You want the real deal? This transcriptions bundle is the result of thousands of hours of work! It contain all 134 transcriptions made from 2014 to 2017. Check this out!

(NEW) ‘Best of Chord Melody’ Collection

This Bundle include 12 of the most popular ‘Chord Melody’ transcriptions posted on YouTube in the last few years. This is the perfect place to start learning this awesome guitar style. Anyone with basic guitar skills to more experienced Jazz guitarists will find their needs in this transcriptions selection. Check this out!

Joe Pass Collection

Check out my Joe Pass transcriptions collection. It contain 12 popular transcriptions from the ‘Virtuoso’ himself in various notation formats!  Check this out!

 Kenny Burrell Collection

Known for his harmonic creativity, lush tones and lyricism. Kenny Burrell has been one of the most respected Jazz guitarist and educator since decades. Check out my new Kenny Burrell transcription collection.  Check this out!

Barney Kessel Collection

This transcription collection contain 12 transcriptions from the great Barney Kessel. These Transcriptions cover many aspect of his tremendous guitar style. From elegant piano style chord melodies to melodic bebop solos and impressives chord solos! Check this out!

Charlie Parker Collection

Check out my Charlie Parker Transcriptions collection. It contains 12 solo & head transcriptions of Charlie Parker signature tunes, all meticulously arranged for guitar. Check this out!

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