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Paulinho Nogueira

Paulinho Nogueira was a Brazilian guitarist and composer. He was considered one of the greatest interpreters of Brazilian music. Nogueira was a prolific recording artist, releasing over 20 albums throughout his career. He was also a sought-after performer, appearing at concerts and music festivals all over the world. Nogueira’s contributions to the world of Brazilian music were widely recognized, and he is remembered as one of the greatest guitarists in the country’s history.

Notable Recordings :

  • A voz do violão (1959)
  • O fino do violão (1965)
  • Paulinho Nogueira (1967)
  • Violão e samba (1973)
  • Tom Jobim – Retrospectiva (1981)
  • Late night guitar – The Brazilian sound of Paulinho Nogueira (1992)

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