“Lenny Breau” Collection Vol.2 (12 Transcriptions)


Lenny Breau was a Canadian jazz guitarist who is known for his unique fingerstyle playing technique and his ability to play complex harmonies and melodies simultaneously. Breau created a distinctive sound that influenced many guitarists who followed in his footsteps. This 2nd volume continue to cover many aspects of his extraordinary guitar playing with some of his signature show tunes and many more unique performances.

This collection include 12 detailed note for note transcriptions with various PDF layout; Standard notation, Tab, Chord Grids (If available) and all possible combinations. All collections also include editable Guitar Pro files.

  • A Taste Of Honey
  • Autumn Leaves
  • But Beautiful *
  • Call Me
  • Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright (Live)
  • Georgia on my mind (Live) *
  • Mean To Me *
  • Monday, Monday
  • On a Bach Bourrée *
  • Our Delight *
  • Red River Valley *
  • Warm Up And Improvisation On Autumn leaves

(*) Chord Grids Available

(Please note, transcriptions from collections are exclusive to these bundles and not available for individual purchase)