How to Access The ‘Interactive Library’

How to access the Interactive Library :

Hi there, thanks for subscribing! I am glad to share my love and interest for the guitar and I hope that my work will contribute in making your musical journey fulfilling and will help you achieve your musical goals!

While all printable PDF are available via Patreon website, to get the most out of your subscription you will need to unlock the ‘Interactive Library’ on my website. Don’t worry it is super easy. Just follow these few easy steps and you will be good to go!

1 – Create an account on my website. To do so, go to my website HERE and select the ‘Login/Register’ tab in the top menu. (If you are already logged to an existing account go to step 3)


2 – Than create an account. (If you already have an account you can Login to your existing account)


3 – Now go to the the ‘Interactive Library‘ Tab.


4 – Use the ‘Unlock With Patreon‘ Button at the bottom of the page.


E-mail me at ‘’ if you need assistance, I’ll try to answer as fast as possible.

Interactive Library Guided Tour

Interactive Transcriptions :

In the Interactive Library you will find all of my transcriptions in ‘Soundslice’ format. ‘Soundslice’ allow you to slow down, transpose, loop sections and adjust just about any aspect of a transcription. It is super easy and convenient to use. (Note that the ‘Interactive library’ is in construction. I am planning to sync every one of my +/- 500 transcriptions before the end of the 2023)

Practice Room :

The ‘Practice Room’ is a new section where you will find ‘Interactive Backing tracks‘ and Lead Sheets. As for the interactive transcriptions it is possible to Slow down, transpose and loop sections of the backing tracks. It is much easier and convenient to use than most backing track software. All backing tracks are made of real instruments with amazing audio quality!

PDF & GP Files Library :

PDF & GP Files Library give you access to all Patreon members exclusive contents. There, you will find all printable/editable PDF & GP files of transcriptions made over the 6 last months. Also, all files from Lessons & Lead sheets.

Please note that editable Guitar Pro & XML Files are only available with the higher subscription tier


Note that the ‘Interactive library’ is in construction. I am planning to sync every one of my +/- 500 transcriptions before the end of the year and I will add many more backing tracks in a near future. I also have many more cool ideas for features that I will add over the time. Cheers!