“Wes Montgomery” Collection (12 Transcriptions)


Wes Montgomery was a renowned jazz guitarist known for his distinctive guitar style characterized by his use of octaves and thumb technique. His approach to soloing and chord melody playing has inspired countless guitarists over the years. Montgomery’s use of single-note lines, chord melodies and signature octave passages are showcased were many of his classic recordings. This collection cover some of his most famous performances.

This collection include 12 detailed note for note transcriptions with various PDF layout; Standard notation, Tab, Chord Grids (If available) and all possible combinations. All collections also include Guitar Pro files & Soundslice links.

  • A Quiet Thing *
  • Angel Eyes *
  • Days of Wine and Roses *
  • How Insensitive *
  • In Your Own Sweet Way *
  • I’ve Grown Accostumed to Her Face *
  • My One and Only Love *
  • ‘Round Midnight
  • The Girl Next Door *
  • The Thumb *
  • Too Late Now *
  • While We’re Young *

(*) Chord Grids Available

(Please note, transcriptions from collections are exclusive to these bundles and not available for individual purchase)