“Tony Mottola” Collection (12 Transcriptions)


Tony Mottola was a versatile guitarist known for his impeccable technique and unique approach to jazz guitar. His playing style combined elements of swing, bebop, and Latin music, resulting in a distinctive sound that set him apart from his peers. Mottola’s use of complex chord voicings and advanced harmonies demonstrated his mastery of the guitar and solidified his place as one of the most influential guitarists of his time.

This collection include 12 detailed note for note transcriptions with various PDF layout; Standard notation, Tab, Chord Grids (If available) and all possible combinations. All collections also include editable Guitar Pro files.

  • All The Way *
  • As Time Goes By *
  • Bewitched *
  • Cry Me A River *
  • Heart & Soul *
  • Here’s that Rainy Day *
  • Put Your Dreams Away *
  • Send in the Clowns *
  • Stardust *
  • The Christmas Song *
  • Yesterdays / Yesterday *
  • Warm Feelings *

(*) Chord Grids Available

(Please note, transcriptions from collections are exclusive to these bundles and not available for individual purchase)