“Jerry Reed” – Collection (12 Transcriptions)


Jerry Reed is for sure one of the most creative guitarist of all time. His awesome guitar style influenced every country guitarists that came after him. He established the basis of modern chicken picking by merging ideas coming from Pianists, Banjo Players, Lap Steel players and great Nashville guitarists like Chet Atkin & Merle Travis. Open scales runs, double stops, Jazzy chord sequences, contrary motions, bluesy solos are all on the menu! These 12 meticulously picked intrumental tunes are showcasing many aspects of this brilliant guitar mind. A must have for every guitar picker!

(Also get Brent Mason’s epic tribute to Jerry Reed, First Rule of Thumb, as a bonus transcription.)

This Bundle include 13 transcriptions

All transcriptions include 2 PDF files:

  • Standard Notation
  • Standard Notation & Tab

‘Jerry Reed’ Collection Listing:

  1.  Bluesland
  2.  Grab Bag
  3.  Honkin’
  4.  Navy Blues
  5.  Pickie, Pickie, Pickie
  6.  Reedology
  7.  Struttin’
  8.  Swarmin’
  9.  Swingin ’69
  10.  The Claw
  11.  Turned On
  12.  Two Timin’
  13.  Brent Mason – First Rule of Thumb (Bonus)
(Please note, transcriptions from collections are exclusive to these bundles and not available for individual purchase)