‘Jazz Guitar From Brazil’ Collection (12 Transcriptions)


Brazilian jazz guitar style is a rich fusion of various musical traditions, including samba, bossa nova, and choro. The style often features complex harmonies, intricate rhythms, and virtuosic fingerpicking techniques. This collection cover many Influential Brazilian jazz guitarists including Baden Powell, Luiz Bonfá, Paulinho Nogueira…. and many more!

This collection include 12 detailed note for note transcriptions with various PDF layout; Standard notation, Tab, Chord Grids (If available) and all possible combinations. All collections also include editable Guitar Pro files.

  • Baden Powell – All the Things you Are
  • Baden Powell – Gente Humilde
  • Baden Powell – ‘Round Midnight
  • Laurindo Almeida – Chopin Nocturne
  • Laurindo Almeida – Claire de lune Samba
  • Laurindo Almeida – One Note Samba
  • Luiz Bonfá – I’ll Remember April
  • Luiz Bonfá – Night and Day
  • Luiz Bonfá – Tenderly
  • Paulinho Nogueira – João e Maria
  • Paulinho Nogueira – Manhã de carnaval
  • Paulinho Nogueira – Aria na 4a corda

(*) Chord Grids Available

(Please note, transcriptions from collections are exclusive to these bundles and not available for individual purchase)